P.U. Rural Centre Kauni

Notice Board/Circulars

104/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
204/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
304/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
404/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
504/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
604/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
704/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
804/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
904/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
1004/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
1104/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
1204/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
1304/05/2018regarding lecture shortage may 2018
1416/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
1516/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
1616/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
1716/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
1816/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
1916/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
2016/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
2116/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
2216/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
2316/03/2018Regarding lecture shortage feb.2018
2416/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
2516/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
2616/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
2716/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
2816/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
2916/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
3016/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
3116/02/2018lecture shortage jan.2018
3216/02/2018regarding lecture shortage jan. 201
3330/11/2017B COM 5th Sem
3430/11/2017B COM 3rd Sem
3530/11/2017B COM 1 Sem
3630/11/2017BA Sem 5b
3730/11/2017BA sem 5a
3830/11/2017BA sem 3b
3930/11/2017BA sem 3a
4030/11/2017BA Sem 1b
4130/11/2017BA Sem 1a
4215/11/2017BA Sem 3c
4315/11/2017BA Sem 5b
4415/11/2017BA Sem 5a
4515/11/2017B COM 5th Sem
4615/11/2017B COM 3rd Sem
4715/11/2017B COM 1 Sem
4815/11/2017BA Sem 2b
4915/11/2017BA Sem 2a
5015/11/2017BA Sem 1b
5115/11/2017BA Sem 1a
5216/10/2017BA Sem 5b
5316/10/2017BA Sem 5a
5416/10/2017BA Sem 2b
5516/10/2017BA Sem 2a
5616/10/2017BA Sem 1b
5716/10/2017BA Sem 1a
5816/10/2017B COM 5th Sem
5916/10/2017B COM 3rd Sem
6016/10/2017B COM 1 Sem
6114/09/2017B COM 5th Sem
6214/09/2017B COM 3rd Sem
6314/09/2017B COM 1 Sem
6414/09/2017BA Sem 5b
6514/09/2017BA Sem 5a
6614/09/2017BA Sem 3rd
6714/09/2017BA Sem 1b
6814/09/2017BA Sem 1a
6918/08/2017BA Sem 5b
7018/08/2017BA Sem 5a
7118/08/2017BA Sem 3rd
7218/08/2017BA Sem 1b
7318/08/2017BA Sem 1a
7418/08/2017B COM 5th Sem
7518/08/2017B COM 1 Sem
7628/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BCom3
7728/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BCom 2
7828/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BCom 1
7928/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BA 3b
8028/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BA 3a
8128/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BA 2b
8228/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BA 2a
8328/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BA 1b
8428/04/2017Cumulative Attendence for April 2017 BA 1a
8515/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 B Com Sem 6
8615/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 B Com Sem 4
8715/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 B Com Sem 2
8815/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 BA Sem 6b
8915/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 BA Sem 6a
9015/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 BA Sem 4b
9115/03/2017Cumulative Attendance Feb 2017 BA Sem 4a
9215/03/2017BA Sem 2c
9315/03/2017BA Sem 2b
9415/03/2017BA Sem 2a
9514/02/2017Attendance Shortage BCoM 6th Sem
9614/02/2017Attendance Shortage BCoM 4th Sem
9714/02/2017Attendance Shortage BCoM 2nd Sem
9814/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 6th sem b
9914/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 6th sem
10014/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 4th Sem b
10114/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 4th Sem
10214/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 2nd c
10314/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 2nd b
10414/02/2017Attendance Shortage BA 2nd
10528/11/2016Regarding Attendance November
10628/11/2016Regarding Attendance November
10719/11/2016Regarding attendance shortage october
10816/11/2016Attendance of Students in PURC Kauni

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